Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monitoring multiline logs by email in full color

I use tools like 'logwatch' and 'logcheck' to monitor new events in logs, but they have serious drawbacks. It is most obvious when it comes to multiline logs like PHP error log or MySQL slow log.

So, I wrote a trivial script that would send email messages with new events from the logs. Besides, the messages must be htmlized/colorized, highlighting the SQL/PHP syntax.

So, here's the script:


L=$(/usr/sbin/logtail2 -f $2 )
if [ "x$L" != x"" ]; then
        echo "${L}"|source-highlight -s $3 -f html|mail $1 -a "Content-type: text/html" \
-s "$(hostname): $2" fi

The syntax is: logmail <recipients> <log file> <syntax>

To extract only new events from the log, I use 'logtail2' from 'logcheck' package. For syntax highlighting I chose 'source-highlight' (it was also used to highlight the script code above).

So, to process MySQL slow log, call the script like this:

logmail /var/log/mysql/mysql.slow.log sql

Or, to produce a report from the php-fpm slow log:

logmail /var/log/php-fpm.slow.log php

The results may look like this:

# Time: 140403 12:01:14
# Thread_id: 12983054  Schema: dsa  Last_errno: 0  Killed: 0
# Query_time: 12.672162  Lock_time: 0.000246  Rows_sent: 300  Rows_examined: 5604906  Rows_affected: 0  Rows_read: 5604906
# Bytes_sent: 14625
SET timestamp=1396512074;
     , external_document_id
     , DATE_FORMAT(created_at, "%Y-%m-%d") AS created_at
     , source_id
      # status = 'preparsed'
      # AND flag = ""
      #OR (
       status = 'converted'
     document.source_priority DESC
     0, 300;

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