Thursday, July 21, 2011

Browsers: use TAB to move between form fields

In Firefox, there's a useful setting that allows you to use TAB key to move between form fields only, skipping links. To do so, open "about:config" page, find "accessibility.tabfocus" variable and set it to 3. It took me quite some time to make Chromium to behave in a similar way. This solution was found here

Edit ~/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences. Find the section called `webprefs`. Add the following line at the beginning of the section:

        "tabs_to_links": false,

You can add the line at any place of the section, actually, but keep an eye on commas, they should appear at the end of all lines but the last one. The recipe was not tested on Google Chrome, but I see no reasons why it shouldn't work.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lennart Poettering and the death of BSD

Lennart Poettering, the author of Avahi, the most often purged package in Linux, thinks that BSD isn't relevant anymore. What other proof do you need that BSD is still alive and kicking?