Friday, December 25, 2009

Google Chromium

I've installed Google Chromium today to have a look at the browser features. I think I will put it aside for now. First, I could not find a place where I could define the minimum font size. Chromium's default fonts were painfully small. Second, in Firefox I set accessibility.tabfocus to 3, so that when I press TAB, the cursor moves from one entry field to another, skipping hyperlinks. I could not find something similar in Chromium. Third, Google Wave is not really much faster in Chromium than in Firefox. Fourth, there is no Zotero plugin for Chromium. On the other hand, Google Reader works like a charm in Chromium. Besides, there's a great extension for Chromium, called CrossFire, that imitates Opera "spatial keyboard navigation". So, I'll wait for a while till the numbers one to four above are sorted out...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Problems with Lotus Notes 8.5 under Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Lotus Notes does not work under the new Ubuntu. The application starts, but the internal window area contains nothing and does not redraw. Click a menu and if it overlaps with the main window, a part of the menu stays there after you close it. The main window contains nothing but garbage. Actually, nothing strange, since 99% of Notes databases contain nothing but garbage, but you can't even pretend you're working!
The problem is deep inside Notes (and Ubuntu). Go here: Ubuntu 9.10 Lotus Notes 8.5 grab a TGZ archive with four shared libraries and copy the libraries to /opt/ibm/lotus/notes, start Notes and do something useless there.