Thursday, October 7, 2010

Git and SVN

Very soon I will have a chance to compare the two version control systems in practice. I have to admit, though, that I'm rather biased against Git. It might have certain advantages for open-source teams, where members change often and hardly ever see each other. But I fail to understand (at least, a priori) how it could be better than SVN in a traditional development model. If I understand correctly, the only difference between them is one more intermediate repository between every two team members and, consequently, one more synchronization before code gets into trunk. I can believe that Git makes developers commit more often. But the changes are checked into the local repository, while synchronizations between repositories are usually made less often.

Another advantage of Git, local branches, which are easier to create and merge, also has a downside. They encourage the developer to experiment, but they also increase the chances of conflicts when branches are merged. Once again, the freedom of experiments might be good for open source projects, but for the teams where people work in contact it may create extra risks of project fragmentation.

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