Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The account has been restricted. Please, contact your system administrator

So, the boss tries to log on, gets the message "The account has been restricted. Please, contact your system administrator", contacts me and what am I supposed to do? I can log on as the local administrator, I can check the registry, launch McAfee, but to no avail. Then I find a solution offered by Dizzy, then I think it's nonsense and try to fix the problem playing with permissions, domain accounts and so on. Then, finally, I remove the computer from the domain, then join it to the domain back, and it works! Why? What happened? No idea.

And then this wishy-washy rascal who happens to be my boss, insists that I grant him administrator privileges on his notebook? Ha-ha!


  1. Hi This som from NDS,
    Even you no need to Dis join from the domain, just remove the N/w Cable and login it will work fine.... this issue will occur when your your DC is not Healthy( not updated by latest services pack and patchs)......:)


  2. Hey I've tried doing this and no luck what can I do to get my DC healthy

  3. Som,

    Unfortunately, I can't check your idea now, but I'll keep it in mind next time I see that message, thanks.


    Did you try what Som said?